Android vs. iOS (iPhone)

It seems to me that Android has created a niche somewhere between Microsoft/Windows and Mac/iOS.

*As we all know, the integration and smoothe operation of Apple Hardware and its own Software( Along with Steve Jobs’ vision/leadership) have propelled the company and the brand from the brink of extinction to the most powerful and most profitable company on the planet (Q3/Q4 of Fiscal year 2012).
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Favorite Text Editor: Emacs with Guake(dropdown terminal)

Favorite Text Editor: Emacs with Guake(dropdown terminal)

*Hello World-School of Webcraft* Task #2: Writing HTML by Hand

Hello World by ILMostro

This is my first attempt at writing HTML code. Ohh Yeahhh!!

This page was generated and scripted as part of a learning project on “Wrtiting HTML by Hand” with the help and
support of the P2P University community.


This is a picture of a learning exercise that requires writing HTML code by hand.

Creating Hyperl…

Creating Hyperlinks

<a href="web address">Link text</a>
Without a doubt, the most powerful and widely used of all HTML elements is the A element (a.k.a. ‘anchor’ tag). The A element uses the href attribute along with a valid web address as the value and some content between the start and the end tags to create what is known as a hyperlink. The gigantic international network of web pages known as the World Wide Web is interconnected through the use of hyperlinks and indeed would simply fail to exist without them.

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This blog was created as a preliminary task(assignment) of one of the lessons on p2pUniversity’s School of Webcraft.  The website is an open-sorce, free way for “peer to peer” learning/mentoring of various types of subject matter.  The School of Webcraft, specifically, is supported by mozilla.